Daily word 4 types of people

4 types of people

4 types of people

Broadly speaking the parable of the Sower is telling of 4 types of people. These have been explained. Looking deeper we detect 4 types of responses to Yahweh’s Word; responses which can and often do exist in even the best of believers.

  1. I cannot understand the message
    This is when a truth from Yahweh’s Word is heard and not immediately understood. No effort is made to investigate, examine and discuss the message. Because it is not easily grasped, (or perhaps even feared) it is quickly rejected without further investigation. Are you – on occasions – guilty of responding to the Word in this way? Do you reject a truth simply because you cannot understand it?
    Or are you like the ancient Berean believers who with all readiness of mind searched the Scriptures daily? (Acts 17:10-11). These are important questions because they classify your response to the Word of God. Beware of the wayside mentality, the one that rejects truth because investigation may prove too much of a challenge.
  2. No staying power
    This reaction to truth is very common. Believers rejoice when new truth is presented. They are thrilled with it; but it isn’t long before they are offended. Like marriages that break down, their love for truth collapses at the first difficulty, they become offended and give it all up. They bear no fruit because they have no staying power, no spiritual stamina or depth of soil.
  3. Reacting to circumstances
    This condition – economically or spiritually – can be extremely dangerous. I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing (Revelation 3:17) is a common reaction to the Word these days; but it is a fatal one.
    Or, I’m too poor to produce any results; it’s easy for the rich folk. These believers forget the fact that spiritual growth is much harder to achieve for the rich than for the poor.
Matthew 19:24 And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.
  1. Bearers of fruit
    This is the only praiseworthy reaction to hearing the Word of God. No matter what His message may be, when it drops into the soil of your mind,

    1. Examine it and make every effort to understand it
    2. Prove it against the whole of the Scriptures
    3. And when you are sure that it is the Word of the Most High, then obey it.

This is the only response to Yahweh’s Word that will win His favour. If you do these things you will bear fruit. Sometimes 100 fold: on other occasions 60 fold or even at worst 30 fold. Can you find a farmer who is producing harvests as bounteous? The benefits of investing in the things of the spirit are incalculable. No earthly business project comes anywhere near the above mentioned gains.

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